About Us

The Edmonton Medical Women’s Club (formerly the Edmonton Medical Wives Club) was first established in 1966, and began as a social club to enable spouses of physicians to meet, form friendships and support one another. Membership now includes both women physicians as well as spouses of physicians. We believe our longevity is a testament to the value the club provides to women who are living the medical life. There is an understanding among members of what this life is like, with not only its rewards, but also its challenges.

One of the great things about the EMWC is that there is no obligation to participate at any particular level. Each member has the opportunity to do what her personal schedule allows, whether she works full time, part time, at home or is retired. Many women have found great friends through the club and have had the opportunity to get to know one another on a more personal level.

We charge a small membership fee, which then allows members to receive information by email about club activities. EMWC has evolved over the years in response to the changing needs of its members. Regularly occurring interest groups run mostly from October to June; other one-time events are planned throughout the year. Examples include curling, book clubs, a walking group, an investment group, building with Habitat for Humanity, needlecrafts, and a lunch group that visits a variety of Edmonton restaurants. New groups can be created at any time; all it takes is a few people with a similar interest. Club-wide bi-annual meetings, coinciding with a lunch or dinner, provide an opportunity for reuniting all members.

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EMWC Mission Statement

We are women in fellowship in a supportive and understanding environment, engaged in dynamic activities, which nurture, educate, and contribute to the greater community. We provide opportunities for networking, personal growth, physical fitness and creative pursuits. EMWC includes women of all ages and embraces diversity. We encourage active participation with a view to fostering community among its members. We are a resource to medical support links. From our members’ individual attributes and participation, we build collective strength.

2022 EMWC Executive

President Kyrstie Green; Past President Lily Lo ; Vice-President (vacant) , Treasurer Cathy Gaida; Secretary (vacant); Membership (Diane Todd); Phoning Kathleen Ezeji-Okoye; Social Paola Ortiz, Caroline Gendron & Debra Tam; Social Media (vacant); and Email Co-ordinator Emily Chan.

Left to right: Kathy Trepanier, Kyrstie Green, Diane Todd, Cathy Gaida, Caroline Gendron, Paola Ortiz, Debra Leung, Lily Lo